Dear Editor – KMA – Roger Garratt

Whilst I am a Kibworth Beauchamp Parish councillor, an ex editor of the Chronicle, and a member of Kibworth Methodist Church. I offer this correspondence solely as a resident of the village – the thoughts are mine alone and not intended to reflect the views of any of these bodies…

The History:-



I am sorry to take up further Chronicle space on this subject, having had submissions published in several of this year`s issues, but, in seeking answers from the school to various concerns, my searching of the Kibworth Mead Academy website, letters from the school which are in the public domain, KBPC minutes and requests via the columns of this community newspaper – my searching has resulted in a deafening silence.


This month – November 2021 – includes a significant anniversary. One year ago – November 2020 – matters were well in hand concerning the then Kibworth School applying to join an academy trust. A letter from the school to parents and carers dated 16/11/20 commenced:
I hope you’re well. We wanted to share with you the Governing Body’s intention to work towards The Kibworth School (TKS) joining a multi-academy trust before the end of the current school year. The trust we have selected as the best fit for our school, in terms of ethos, expertise, reDescription: Imagesources, outcomes and location, after a prolonged period of consideration, is The Mead Educational Trust (TMET)….

The Request:-

Associated with this intention was an apparently urgent request to Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council- ( N.B. I was not a parish councillor at that time) – which resulted in the holding an extraordinary meeting on (Tuesday) 1st December 2020. KBPC agenda for this extraordinary meeting listed item 12.20 as :

The Kibworth School – To discuss and resolve a parish council response to the letter from Kate Foster, Chair of Governors, The Kibworth School, concerning the proposal to join a multi-academy trust –


The minutes of that meeting record:

It was resolved that the Deputy Clerk will draft a letter in response to Kate Foster, Chair of Governors, and this will be circulated to all Councillors for approval prior to being sent. Main points/questions to be included within the letter are:

The Main Points/Questions:-

“Whether any other MATs were considered and why was TMET chosen?
” Why the procedure is being pushed through so quickly?
“How it will impact on the Kibworth Beauchamp High School Foundation Trust?

“What is being put in place for further education including 6th form?
” Whether the school holidays will remain in line with county dates?
“That the school retains its name of ‘The Kibworth School.’


Bearing in mind that the pre-Christmas 2020 winter issue of `The Kibworth Standard“ (published by the school) could contain, from the Chair of Governors, “Since my last letter in November, we’ve had some great news – this month, the Regional Schools Commissioners Headteacher Board approved TKS joining TMET, which gives us the official Department for Education go ahead.

 In other words job done, and presuming that the application to give the scheme official Department of Education permission to proceed would have been forwarded some time in advance, I wonder how relevant the dates are to the second query from the Parish Council.


I find the apparent lack of response to my enquiries surprising bearing in mind the Mead Academy Educational Trust website section `Our Vision and Values` states “….ensuring communication is excellent..” ( my bold ). the `Vision and Values` section of the Kibworth Mead Academy website it states “Working with and for the local community.” (again, my bold ). I am not seeking to change anything, simply, as a member of that local community, enquiring via the excellent communication ensured, yet coming up to a year with no response…

• I am not seeking to change anything – simply enquiring.
• I am not offering criticism – simple enquiring
• I am not attempting to be a boring nuisance – simply enquiring.

The Invitation:-

The Mead Educational Trust website states “TMET exists to improve the life chances of children and young people” This letter therefore is submitted in the hope that the Kibworth Mead Academy, being a member of TMET, could give me and doubtless others in the community a great Christmas present (subject to editorial approval) via the December issue of the Chronicle – by listing these life chances as practical educational benefits that this move has brought to local pupils which, in some form, have not already been offered within the last six hundred and sixty two years of pioneering secondary education in Kibworth, since circa 1359 without any need of

• Associates
• Directors
• Assistant Directors of Learning • Learning Curriculum Leaders
• Strategic Curriculum Manager • Officers
• Ambassadors
• Supervisors
• Teaching School Hub

Roger Garratt
Ex pupil KBGS / Ex-student teacher KBGS / Ex Head of Music KHS.