Illston-on-the-Hill WI

Hosted a fashion show!

WI hosted a fashion show in September. This proved very popular and was really well attended. We are looking forward to some outings so we can wear our new purchases. Over £300 was raised. This was divided between Breast Cancer Research and Macmillan Cancer Care. Being able to help these charities brings us great joy. 

The committee are now busy organising our programme for next year and look forward to a new normal. Thankfully, we have welcomed a few new members which is great for us all in a time when, very sadly, some WI’s are closing down due to lack of numbers. We remain very fortunate.

As there is not very much to report and the photographers of the fashion show were not up to the Country File Calendar standard!!!

Here follows an amusing description of a grandmother by an eight-year-old boy. Please enjoy!

Jane Shute

A Grandmother

(By an eight year old schoolboy)

A grandmother is a woman who has no children of her own, so she loves the boys and girls of other people.

Grandmothers have nothing to do, they only have to be there.

If they take you for a walk, they go slowly past beautiful leaves and caterpillars.

They never say “come along quickly” or “hurry up for goodness sake”.

They are usually fat, but not too fat to tie up my shoe laces.

They wear spectacles and sometimes take out their teeth.

They can answer any question, for instance why dogs hate cats and why God is not married.

When they read to us, they never leave anything out.  They do not mind if it is always the same story.

Everyone should have a grandmother, especially those who do not have a television.

Grandmothers are the only grown-ups who have plenty of time.