Work set to start on new Local Plan for district.

The current (HDC) Local Plan is continuing to provide an up-to-date framework for future sustainable growth across the Harborough district, according to a recent review.

And work is now underway on a new Local Plan to help plan for unmet housing need across the county.

Harborough District Council has reviewed its current adopted Harborough Local Plan (2011-2031) in line with Government requirements. The Council’s Cabinet endorsed the review which concludes that the current Local Plan is continuing to provide a robust framework to manage development in a sustainable way, whilst protecting heritage and countryside.

The Cabinet also agreed that work should begin on a new Local Plan to take into account Leicester City Council’s unmet housing need which is anticipated to increase as a result of changes to Government policy. Any housing need which cannot be met within the current City boundary, will have to be agreed and accommodated within the rest of Leicestershire.

The current Local Plan was adopted by Harborough District Council in April 2019. It is the Council’s principal planning policy document and sets out the vision, objectives, and planning policies for the Harborough district up to 2031. It ensures that the growing population and future generations have access to great places to live and work, supported by the appropriate infrastructure. The Local Plan also enables the Council to refuse development that is not in accordance with the Plan.

Cllr Phil King, Leader of Harborough District Council, said: “I’m pleased to hear that our existing Local Plan remains fit for purpose but, given the time taken to prepare a Local Plan, we have recommended that preparation of a new Local Plan is started to ensure local planning policies remain up-to-date and able to direct development to sustainable locations and to protect the environment of the district. Beginning to prepare a new Local Plan has no effect on the existing adopted Local Plan (2011-2031) which remains up to date and continues to deliver sustainable development for the district.

Press release 6 July 2021.