East Langton Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan Review

The original plan was formally made by Harborough District Council in 2018. Since then there has been new planning guidance issued and updates to both the Harborough Local Plan and to the National Planning Policy Framework. Significant additional powers are now granted to neighbourhood plans that allocate sites for housing to meet its local target as set by Harborough DC. The parish council is proposing changes to the Neighbourhood Plan to take advantage of these new powers. This will also help protect more sensitive areas across the parish from inappropriate development.

Designating Open Space

The Neighbourhood Plan is also seeking to designate the open space behind Old School Walk in Church Langton known as ‘Thorpe Path’ as a ‘Local Green Space’. If successful, this will prevent development on that land in perpetuity.

Household letters

An Executive Summary of the Neighbourhood Plan, outlining the changes, will be sent to each household in July. The Neighbourhood Plan itself will be available to view on the parish council website www.eastlangtonpc.org.uk  The consultation dates will be decided at the parish council meeting on Wednesday 7 July. a The consultation time will run for six weeks.

Please comment

Please take the time to read it and to make comment. The Plan will ultimately be subject to an independent examination to test conformity with local and national strategic planning policies. The more comments that are made and the greater the support for the policies contained in the Neighbourhood Plan, the greater the control that residents will have over future planning decisions that impact on our community.

Roz Folwell