South Leicestershire Medical Group (SLMG)

As of Saturday 10 April, SLMG will have completed over 10,000 COVID-19 vaccinations to our patient population. All COVID-19 vaccinations currently take place at Kibworth Medical Centre (KMC) on Smeeton Road. As per NHS England specifications, practices that belong to our Primary Care Network (PCN) also have to provide their Pfizer vaccinations from KMC. This is because the Pfizer vaccine cannot be moved from site-to-site. It is also because the vaccine needs to be utilised within four days from delivery. Therefore, Billesdon Surgery and The Croft Medical Centre in Oadby use KMC on a regular basis to vaccinate their patients.

We provide regular updates on our Practice Facebook Page- please search ‘South Leicestershire Medical Group’ and our Practice Website. Please make sure you access these sites regularly so that you are kept up to date on the latest advice and guidance regarding COVID-19 and other practice announcements.

Patient Participation Group – South Leicestershire Medical Group

It is a contractual requirement for a GP practice to have a Patient Participation Group (PPG). We are most fortunate within South Leicestershire Medical Group to have a thriving PPG.

17 patient members work closely with nominated practice staff to raise issues, patient experiences and identify action plans to help improve services to support the needs of all patients across the practice.

The PPG patient members are all volunteers with a diverse range of personal and professional knowledge, skills and experience which are used to try to make a positive contribution to the services and facilities offered by

the practice on behalf of the patients. They are the ears and eyes within the community. During the next few months, we will start to introduce you to your PPG members who are all local to the geographical areas covered by SLMG. We will also launch our brand-new PPG webpage on the main SLMG website so watch this space. In the meantime, if you want to know more about the PPG or have something you would like raised at the next meeting, please email us.