A plea to keep our park areas broken glass free and safe for all to enjoy.

My name is Deena Sumpter and I am sending emails to all schools within our area in the hope that within each class a discussion could take place to highlight an issue that seems to be happening more and more regularly in and around our village park areas.

My job on Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council.

I have lived in the village all of my life and I have since January, worked for the Kibworth Parish Council. One of my main duties is the maintenance of the park equipment, such as the swings and apparatus to make sure they are safe for our children to enjoy.But also I carry out repairs to benches, perimeter fencing and gates etc if I can.

Often, especially of late, my work hours are taken up by having to clear litter, but sadly and more importantly, having to comb the areas around the park’s benches for broken glass and smashed bottles. Not only a danger to our vulnerable toddlers but also our wildlife and the many dogs that walk these areas daily.

Broken glass danger.

It has been reported to me that one dog owner had received a vet bill of nearly a thousand pounds for work carried out on their poor dog and again only last week a lady told me of injuries to her friend’s pet which had cost them £350.

Even more worrying than this. Broken Glass had to be removed from the goal areas of one of the parks where it had been deliberately buried into the wet mud. The damage this could have caused to anyone just going to play! I don’t even want to think about it! Benches have been vandalised so wooden slats are missing or have had to be removed as they are loose or left sharp and dangerous too.

The costs.

Would it be possible that it could be pointed out that our community, parents to the young adults at the school, are having to pay council tax that covers the costs for employing people like me but that these costs are also used to improve our parks and add better facilities too. If they could just take their litter to the bins provided and refrain from smashing their empty bottles, then maybe the money could be spent sooner on improving our Park areas for all to enjoy, secure in the knowledge that these are respected, valued areas and importantly, Safe places for all to enjoy.

Mrs Deena Sumpter.