Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council.

Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council

We held our public Zoom meeting on 23 February and were pleased to welcome four members of the public.

Virtual Meetings

With virtual meetings still being used and the current lockdown rules, it is not always feasible to obtain two signatures to authorise urgent payment of invoices that fall between the monthly meetings. Council approved payment, provided the chairman or deputy chairman and one other mandated councillor are able to approve these payments by email; they will still appear on the monthly payments to authorise.

Complying with the audit.

Both Kibworth parish councils are completing the legal processes to comply with audit and resolving to subsume the previous assets and funds from the two joint committees, Recreation and Burial, back into the respective parish council’s assets register and finances.


Following a request by staff and residents of Kibworth Court and Beauchamp Gardens, on Smeeton Road, to try to prevent inappropriately parked cars blocking sight lines. It was resolved to use s137 regulations to partially fund a 21m long white line at the top of the slope.

The parish will also request advice from LCC Highways for options, including double yellow lines, to prevent parking on both sides at the pinch point between the Kibworth Court entrance and The Kibworth School.


On advice from the HDC planning officer, due to extensive amendments to the plans being requested, the council did not discuss the planning application to demolish the workshops and build 10 houses at Clarke’s Car Repair site on New Road (21/00143/OUT). The Planning Committee will review any amended details once they are published.  Other planning decisions were approved in line with the recommendations of the Planning Committee and are available on the website.


The clerk reported that the CCTV system was temporarily non-operational due to a broadband server issue; BT will be contacted urgently.  She also reported that volunteers have planted the first ten trees off the Community Orchard on Weir Road.

Expenditure/ ASB/The Tennis Club.

Various items of expenditure, requested by the Joint Recreation Board, were approved including autumn hedge laying and planting along the southern boundary of Warwick Park, plus immediate hedge and undergrowth trimming on Warwick Park and Rookery Green.

Recent reports of anti-social behaviour (ASB), including an incident on 6 February reported by the police on the tin bridge, and incidents involving dogs were discussed.  The police have reminded residents to report ASB to 101 or online. D Cllr Whelband is hoping to regularise communication between the police and councils.

Discussions with the tennis club are ongoing to agree joint financing of tarmac for the muddy area between two of the courts just before the current tarmac pathway begins.

Emptying of bins.

The clerk reported on her ongoing negotiations with HDC about the location and emptying routines for both dog and general litterbins in the parish.  A full audit of the existing locations and numbers of bins is underway. The new groundsperson will be replacing damaged bins in Smeeton Road Recreation Area during week beginning 1 March.


Following the recent advert in the Kibworth Chronicle, several people have expressed interest in being co-opted and they, along with any others who contact the clerk, will be invited to the March meeting for consideration.

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Maria Smith