The Well’s Foodbank ideas

The Well

I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s been cheered by the pink and red shiny hearts hanging on the trees outside the Co-op in the village. This is such a simple gesture, but one that brings colour and hope to the day. After an exceptionally busy January, returning from Christmas straight into Lockdown, February has started at The Well Next Door with several new developments.

Food comes in, and food goes out! If anyone would like to make a donation,
this list is a helpful start.

Foodbank Ideas

Tins of meat, fish, veggies, fruit, rice puddings. Pasta sauces. Long Life
milk, fruit juice, cordial, puddings. Tomato ketchup, mayonnaise. Veggie and vegan options. Jam, sugar, instant coffee. Toiletries. Washing up liquid.

We are always grateful for donations, however big or small. As charity shops, including regrettably our own, are closed, and the nearest large supermarkets require transport to get to, several families are in need of clothing due to life changes or growing children. We welcome donations of
children’s (0-16 years) and maternity clothing (ideally washed and ironed).
These can be dropped off at 47 High Street from 10am – 12 noon on weekdays.

We are now working to help some people progress from receiving regular food parcels, and are exploring a Well based service offering financial advice, including eventually running a Life Skills Course in partnership with Christians Against Poverty.

Emma Dowman