A Little Quiz…Who am I?

Kibworth Theatre company

I have a seat at the front of the stage with a brilliant view of all the actors in the play. I like to sit in the shadows.
I have a useful skill- but nobody really wants to use it.

Answer. No, I am not the Reviewer of the play from NODA…. I am the Prompt calmly sitting in the corner of the hall, with a low wattage lamp, following the script, line by line.

The art of prompting.

The art of prompting is to know exactly when to step in and speak a few words to get the actor back “on track”. Nobody wants a prompt who jumps in when there a few seconds of silence, which are actually a dramatic pause.
Regular audience attendees at the Kibworth Theatre Company plays will know that there are several members of the Company who regularly take part in the plays. Actors have to audition for their parts, but there are always opportunities for new members to join in and bring their acting skills to the different plays.

Meet the cast.

I like to come and meet the cast early in the schedule, and see who is acting which part. This is an opportunity to meet new cast members.
The cast meet twice weekly, which demands a true commitment to putting on a successful play. The early weeks are dedicated to getting a real feel for the play, under the guidance of the Director. ( I am sure there are many times when the Director wonders who is actually directing the play, with all the cast “chipping in ”with their own thoughts).

Books down.

Then it is time for “Books Down” when the cast are taken away from the comfort of holding their scripts and have to go it alone. All the cast have their own strategies for learning their lines. It always fills me with admiration how soon the actors are fluent with their words. One aspect of prompting, that I learnt very early on, was to not expect all the actors to say the words exactly how the words have been written in the script. Often words become transposed at the beginning of line learning, and that is how they stay!!!

Fun and diversity.

It is great fun being part of the play team. We enjoy and laugh at the mistakes which are made, rejoice with the Director when the rehearsal goes well, and always use the saying that it will “Be alright on the night”. Which it is.
Over the years Kibworth Theatre Company have staged a diverse range of plays, showing off their creative skills. My all time favourite was “Allo, Allo” which was a popular choice with both the cast and audiences. Not only did the cast have to remember their lines, they had to be part of a well choreographed performance….and try to keep a straight face at the same time. I still remember how proud I was of one cast member who always struggled to remember one line. During the performances she was word perfect every time.
I am truly hoping that 2021 will give Kibworth Theatre Company the opportunity to stage a long awaited play once more.

Christine Broad.