Burglary Crime Prevention –

Top Ten Tips.

Here’s my top 10 tips for Burglary Crime Prevention. I hope you will find these useful and ensure that you keep a daily routine to keep you all safe.

1. Keep all your keys hidden, not hung up near the main door or a key rack.

2. Keep wallets and purses hidden and not in an area that it can be seen easily.

3. Always set segment timers to go on or off during the darker nights to look like someone is inside.

4. Purchase a ‘fake TV deterrent’. This is an LED unit which lights up making it look like the TV is on when your curtains are closed. Search Google, it costs approx. £10-15 on the internet and can be a very good deterrent if you are out working late.

5. Check all doors and windows to the side and rear of your property are secure.

6. Keep wheelie bins away from the front of your property as this can be used as a way to jump over fences or even hide tools or stolen items.

7. If you have CCTV or a camera doorbell please ensure that it works and you know how to use it. Most CCTV devices have a motion marker, which allows you to see where motion was detected, saving you time going through hours of footage.

8. Regularly check your alarm system if you have one to see if it works correctly.

9. Join a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme if you don’t have one set up. Speak to local neighbours and set up a group of your own to keep an eye on each other.

10. Utilise marking kits such as SelectaDNA and register valuable items onto https://www.immobilise.com for free.   PCSO Ali Haq