October 2020

Good news – the pubs, cafes and restaurants of Kibworth Beauchamp, Harcourt, Smeeton and the neighbouring villages are open after suitable precautions have been taken.

Good food is not only served on the premises but can in most cases be ordered and delivered – what an enterprising people we are!

The sound of church bells could also be heard again.

From Smeeton the Harvest Festival was celebrated and harvest baskets given were delivered to The Well in Kibworth and Open Hands in Leicester for distribution to those experiencing hardship.

A relevant recent comment by a Bristolian, “to live simply, so that others might simply live”. There is a Greek word kairos (choice) – a fundamental choice. Is this a kairos moment? There is a saying, you plant an orchard for your grandchildren.

Is philanthropy still alive? There is a man named Jonathan Ruffer, his personal fortune, acquired as a financier, amounted to £350million. He realised there is more to life than being an alpha male.and decided to go on a St.Beuno’s retreat in North Wales.

When he came away, he donated his entire accumulated wealth to charity, It is used chiefly to revive the economic life of North Durham based in Auckland. He now leads a fully integrated life between the charity and the finance.

Patty Stonesifer was a chief executive of Microsoft. The highest ranking woman who before the age of 40 had earned enough to never need to work again. So much so that when she became the chief executive of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation she did not need to draw a salary.

One day something happened. The headquarters of the Foundation is at McPherson Square in Washington DC. She looked from the window of the headquarters every evening and saw a white van pull up in a nearby carpark.

It gave food to the homeless and hungry, it was a small charity called Martha’s Table (you need to know your Bible to understand the name). She received a circular as a donor, it advertised a CEO vacancy, she applied and got the job. There was widespread astonishment. The Washington Post observed “it is like the head of general electric showing up to manage the corner appliance store”! Why did she make this move? This will be in next months edition.

Not such good news for cyclists-potholes on the country lanes used regularly by our cyclists. Do the council take into account the danger to cyclists? Answers on a postcard to Harborough District Council in Market Harborough.