The Joy of Six

Dear Editor

Number of months since lockdown began…

  • It took Six Days to create the World…
  • Six is the smallest number that is perfect as discovered by Euclid in 300 BC.
  • Sixpence found in foil in your traditional Christmas pudding.
  • A complete box of eggs for coddling, scrambling, frying or just boiling.
  • A batsman’s boundary hit that doesn’t bounce in cricket.
  • Six feet was traditionally the height of a bobby (policeman).

Covid 19 social group maximum.

  • Our Sixth Sense.
  • Sixth formers.
  • The musical called Six.
  • Six Nations Rugby.
  • The strings on a guitar.
  • Six faces on a dice.
  • A BBC Radio Station – 6 Music.
  • A Six pack of beer.
  • Six Degrees of separation.

Keep six feet (or 2 metres) apart!

  • Six Geese a laying.
  • Six whole tones in an octave…
  • Six Points of the Star of David.
  • Hexagons are tessellating six sided polygons as seen in a beehive.
  • Atomic number of carbon is 6.
  • An ice hockey team on the ice at any one time.
  • The Prisoner was Number 6 in the TV series.
  • Maximum number of Braille dots.
  • Cub leaders in Scouts are often called ‘sixer’.

If you don’t adhere to the bold above you could end up…Buried six foot under!

Stephen Poyzer