Looking to the Future

‘A voluntary community newspaper for the Kibworth area.’ The very first issue of the Chronicle in April 1978 bore those words underneath the mast head. For 42 years our aim has remained the same. Community and volunteers are what the Chronicle is all about.

The willingness of volunteers to contribute to the well-being of our community has been vividly demonstrated by the upsurge in help and support groups over the last challenging weeks. From the Kibworth Isolation Relief Team, I’m not Alright Jack and the Well to countless neighbours looking out for each other – we thank them all.

The present Chronicle Management Committee are very aware that we are only custodians of the Chronicle; it belongs to the whole community. Over the years, the Chronicle has been revitalised by the support of young, enthusiastic volunteers who have brought new ideas and expertise. Now that help is needed again. Over the next few months we shall be looking for a new Distribution Manager, Secretary, Vice Chair and Chair. If you have been inspired by recent events to become more involved in your community, why not join us? To find out more, email jm_emeny@btinternet.com

Jean Emeny, Chair, Kibworth & District Chronicle