Editorial in June

Every year as we reach the end of May, and June is fast approaching, I recall my primary school days and my best friend’s sister who was called June. Her brother would tease his sister by singing “June is bustin’ out all over” from the musical Carousel whenever his sister appeared in a new outfit. He was usually chased out of the house but escaped in the garden.

In 1978 Dennis Potter’s musical play,’ ‘Pennies from Heaven’ starring Bob Hoskins as a sheet music salesman, was very popular on TV. Hoskins burst into songs evoked by words, phrases or situations. I remember thinking then how in one’s own life certain words or phrases can remind one of the words of songs. Well probably just the first line of a song with me as I cannot recall many more lyrics. The comment by someone entering my house, “It’s bitter out there!” would immediately bring to mind “The night is bitter, the stars have lost their glitter” from the song ‘The man that got away’ sung by Judy Garland in the film ‘A star is born’.

A mention of washing one’s hair took me back to” South Pacific”, the musical and Mitzi Gaynor washing Rossano Brazzi out of her hair.

Hymns did not escape my attention. A friend whose door bell was a definite ‘Ding dong’ would invariably open the door to two supper guests singing ‘Ding dong merrily on high, in heaven the bells are ringing.’ They at least knew straightaway who was there.

I am very much dating myself here and wonder if younger people today link words to songs that are popular with them. We were a family who enjoyed musicals and I still do. I wish I had kept a diary of all those we went to see at the cinemas, of course, not theatres for us in those days.

I also wish I had kept a Coronavirus diary now as we are living through extraordinary times, possibly the most important global event of our lives. Some people – not just school children asked to do so – are keeping diaries and one has sent in several entries for us to read. Her words will be part of The Kibworth Chronicle archives for readers in the future.

Surely ordinary people should leave their account of what The Coronavirus Pandemic was like for future generations? Here at The Chronicle we think they should.

So could you please help us out here? In the past few records were kept of what was happening to Plain Joe public. We know what the wealthy, educated and governments were doing and thinking but not the ordinary Man/Woman and yes, Child. The Chronicle would welcome your contributions either named or anonymous (we must have your name but will not publish it if you request that)

I am sure it will be interesting reading now and in the future.

Please send any items to theeditor@kibworthchronicle.com.

Roslyn Ousey

District Editor