Kibworth Tennis – Mini/Junior Team Events

At Kibworth Tennis Club we want to provide opportunities for as many children as possible to play matches locally. So we have set up a new and exciting team event for children from the ages of 6 through to 18. A total of 146 children will be taking part and 2 teams have been formed with 73 children in each team! 

We wanted names for the two teams so we ran a competition among the children to find out who could come up with the best name for their team. The winning team names are: 

  1. Racket Ralph – suggested by Toby Mousley
  2. The Royal Aces – suggested by Joseph Earl

Well done to Toby and Joseph who win a 45 minute individual coaching lesson as the prize. 

The team events have been taking place every Saturday afternoon since the beginning of January at the club and in the Kibworth School Sports Hall. 

Teams of three or four children of a similar standard/age have been playing matches against each other. The winning player will get a point for their team and the winning team will also get a point. The events will continue until the end of 2019. Which team will be the overall winner? The team scores after all of the matches in January are:- 

Racket Ralph, 65 points and The Royal Aces, 62 points. 
Will the Racket Ralph Team still be in front by the end of February? 

The Mini Red Team event at Kibworth School Sports Hall