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Nature Notes February - Corvids (Part One)

22nd February 2021 | Nature Note

If birds are not your thing, I apologise for my decision to dedicate two Nature Notes to the crow family.  However, this is a good time of year to get to grips with the identification of our six locally resident “crows”. This month I am concentrating on the four “black” crows and at a later date I will look at our two “colourful” crows and at some crows that you are unlikely to see in Leicestershire.

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Nature Notes - Night

25th June 2020 | Nature Note

People fortunate enough to have gardens or even views over open space, have found some relief from lockdown in nature. Whether entirely at home or on daily exercise people have:

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Nature Note: Brimstone Butterfly

26th April 2020 | Nature Note

The first time I entered a Chemistry Lab. at school I noticed a jar of bright yellow powder. To my disappointment it was nothing to do with the sherbet lemon sweets that I was familiar with in other glass jars. The label stated simply “Sulphur”. Brimstone is another word for sulphur.

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