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28th June 2021 | Nature Note

April (display) through to August (young birds with adults) are the months when some of the best opportunities arise for photographing grebes.

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Nature Notes - Sallow or Goat Willow

28th April 2021 | Nature Note

My intention this month was to tell you about the insects that benefit from the Sallow, a tree in the Willow family. Not being particularly “good” on trees I needed to do some research. This was so interesting that the insects will have to wait until next month.           

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Nature Notes February - Corvids (Part One)

22nd February 2021 | Nature Note

If birds are not your thing, I apologise for my decision to dedicate two Nature Notes to the crow family.  However, this is a good time of year to get to grips with the identification of our six locally resident “crows”. This month I am concentrating on the four “black” crows and at a later date I will look at our two “colourful” crows and at some crows that you are unlikely to see in Leicestershire.

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