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Nature Notes, Dec 2021. Dabbling Ducks

20th December 2021 | Nature Note

In late October and November, dabbling ducks attain their brightest plumage. They begin to attract mates and pair up in readiness for the spring and early summer nesting season. Also at this time, birds spread south and west avoiding frozen lakes and rivers in Scandinavia and Iceland. This makes December a great month to find dabbling ducks on the shores and margins of inland lakes and reservoirs in lowland Britain.

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Nature Notes - October

18th October 2021 | Nature Note

October and the first half of November are the most eventful periods of the year for birdwatchers seeking uncommon and rare birds. The diversity of species both inland and especially on the coast is at a peak. At times coastal ‘falls’ of migrant birds produce spectacular numbers with ‘birds in every bush’.

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Nature Notes September

26th September 2021 | Nature Note

If, like me, you have trouble remembering the difference between astronomical and meteorological seasons you are really going to struggle with what comes next!

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28th June 2021 | Nature Note

April (display) through to August (young birds with adults) are the months when some of the best opportunities arise for photographing grebes.

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Nature Notes - Sallow or Goat Willow

28th April 2021 | Nature Note

My intention this month was to tell you about the insects that benefit from the Sallow, a tree in the Willow family. Not being particularly “good” on trees I needed to do some research. This was so interesting that the insects will have to wait until next month.           

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Nature Notes February - Corvids (Part One)

22nd February 2021 | Nature Note

If birds are not your thing, I apologise for my decision to dedicate two Nature Notes to the crow family.  However, this is a good time of year to get to grips with the identification of our six locally resident “crows”. This month I am concentrating on the four “black” crows and at a later date I will look at our two “colourful” crows and at some crows that you are unlikely to see in Leicestershire.

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