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Leicestershires Link To The Cunard Pedigree

31st January 2021 | Looking Back

A few years ago my brother purchased a piece of local history on e-bay that records a time when the famous Cunard family resided here in the county. It was a page from the ‘Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News’, dated November 22nd 1884, under the heading ‘Hunting Centres – Sir Bache Cunard’s Hounds’.

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Keep the home fires burning

1st January 2021 | Looking Back

Just a few months after decimalisation, on 17 May 1971, 10cwt of coal was delivered to a customer in Council Street (now Stuart  Street), Kibworth Beauchamp. The coal merchants were Bromley Bros. and Sons, who were based at the old Kibworth railway station yard and could be contacted by telephone on Kibworth 407.

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Harcourt Cottage

13th March 2020 | Looking Back

Harcourt Cottage is still in existence today and is situated opposite the Old House on Main Street. Coming down the steep hill of Main Street, the Old House will be facing you. Turn right, and before you reach the blind bend, the cottage is on the right hand side of the road.

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The Mud Cottage, Kibworth

25th February 2019 | Looking Back

Thank you to Jennifer Rogers of Husbands Bosworth who has kindly let me have this old postcard showing the High Street and the old mud-walled cottage on the right. The mud cottage with thatched roof was demolished around 1949/50. Such a sad loss of this charming piece of Kibworth’s history. The last occupant was Charlie Everitt and his son, Ted. All that remains to this day is the front wall of the old cottage. 

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The House and Street name that disappeared

25th January 2019 | Looking Back

This year sees the bi-centenary of the births of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Kibworth Harcourt and Kibworth Beauchamp commemorated both monarch and consort by naming streets after them. Albert Street remains in Harcourt, sadly Victoria Street in Beauchamp has disappeared. 

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