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A Century of Local Institution

8th October 2021 | Looking Back

The Kibworth Club, formerly known as the Kibworth Working Men’s Club & Institute Ltd., opened its doors to members on 28 July 1921. This year sees the current members celebrating a century of local institution.

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The writing may be on the wall

6th October 2021 | Looking Back

In his introduction to a longer video, ‘Going through the Mill,’ James Wright a buildings archaeologist tells us “graffiti is a way into the world of the ordinary man and woman in this historic period. We’re getting their lives represented through their own initials and dates and names. Also, we’re getting something of their hopes and their fears and desires because they’re showing us that they’re having anxieties about certain aspects of life. Some of the graffiti is connected to ritual protection.”

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The Mason Family

28th June 2021 | Looking Back

How interesting to have two articles on the Mason family in Issue 429; THE MULTITASKING VICTORIAN by Glyn Hatfield
and THE VILLAS by Stephen Butt.

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The Multi-Tasking Victorian

29th May 2021 | Looking Back

Discover the multi-tasking Victorian. Looking at the ornate bill of sale, below, I was surprised to learn how versatile our ancestors actually were. They often turned their hand to almost any assignment. By the design of the letterhead, it would appear that this company tackled most projects that came their way. The businessman, Edward Mason, was based in Kibworth and a noted builder, contractor and monumental mason in the area.

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Growing up in Wartime

28th April 2021 | Looking Back

I was born at Horsforth near Leeds, West Yorkshire in the springtime of 1935 and lived in Menston-in-Wharfedale, near Ilkley. I was the younger of twin boys, weighing only 3 lbs (pounds) at birth and not expected to survive, relying on being wrapped in cotton wool in the absence of incubators. But survive I did!

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