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Duggie's Ramblings October 2021

18th October 2021 | Duggie's Ramblings

‘I have found it’ (translation from Greek). Of course in people's minds this moment will vary, fill a gap and take differing forms and experiences. Part of the old St Paul's Cathedral in London collapsed in 1580; Why? History buffs take note! London experienced a great earthquake. Some, at the time thought it was divine displeasure. A song was composed titled ‘Awake, Awake, sweet England’. It has survived for over 400 years. It is still sung in 2021 to the tune- familiar to many- the carol ‘God rest ye merry gentlemen’.

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Duggie's Ramblings

25th September 2021 | Duggie's Ramblings

Is it possible that Michelle Robinson is a name that brings a person to mind? She was born and brought up by her parents, with her brother Craig in the upper storey of great aunt Robbie's house in South Chicago and there she lived with her family throughout her childhood and adolescence. Initially, she shared a room with her brother, a partition alone separated the brother and sister. As they grew into teenagers they were given separate bedrooms. The schools she attended were local, within walking distance.

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Duggies Ramblings - February 2021

16th February 2021 | Duggie's Ramblings

Teachers, teachers leave those kids alone; Pink Floyd's lyrics do not accurately describe the situation as it is now. However, the kids, many kids are being left alone and at home with parents and grandparents who are thrust into the role. This role ever was the introduction of Universal Education by the post war Labour Government and has been passed to professionally trained teachers (the preparation was the work of R.A. Butler, a member of the national wartime government and the resulting1944 Education Act). 

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October 2020

19th October 2020 | Duggie's Ramblings

Good news - the pubs, cafes and restaurants of Kibworth Beauchamp, Harcourt, Smeeton and the neighbouring villages are open after suitable precautions have been taken.

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