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Covid-19: Will it effect me at 23?

4th December 2020 | Community, Coronavirus

Life can sometimes throw a spanner in the works. My spanner was me and my family testing positive for Covid-19. Hearing about the virus on the news could never prepare me for the last few weeks when I have experienced it first-hand. From what I have learnt, there are four ways people can feel the effects of Covid-19. Nothing, Minor, Serious or Fatal.

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Financial Help from The Kibworth & District Chronicle

19th July 2020 | Community, Coronavirus, Editorial

Like most societies, councils, community forums and groups of friends, The Kibworth & District Chronicle Management Committee has been holding its meetings online. Zoom, Google and Microsoft have really been helping with communication though most of us would really like to go back to face to face I suspect. Some of those meetings will have been to discuss finances and perhaps lack of funds for day to day running or future projects.

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Creativity During Lockdown

10th July 2020 | Coronavirus

At the bottom of Tin Bridge lies the Kibworth Covid 19 snake. His snakeskin is more colourful than that of natural snakes because he consists of hundreds of hand painted stones. A great deal of creativity and enjoyment has gone in to making him which made us wonder what other creative items are being produced in our distribution area.

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Looking Back on Lockdown Eyecare

2nd July 2020 | Business, Coronavirus

Local independent opticians Edmonds and Slatter opened its doors for routine eye care on Monday 22nd June as restrictions started to ease, including for the first time at their new Kibworth practice. However, in the last few months their team offered an emergency eye care and eyewear service to assist key workers, vulnerable residents and anyone else that needed urgent support.

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