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Women in the Great War

1st January 2015 | 1914-1918

We know a lot about the men in our families who served their country and perhaps were wounded or lost their lives in the Great War. But what were the women doing during this time of great change? Did an adventurous grandmother or great aunt of yours volunteer her services, perhaps as a nurse, driver or administrator, or go out to work on a farm or in a factory to support the war effort? Do you know anything about Daphne Wolton or Agnes Watts from Kibworth? Please contact the Chronicle if you have a story to tell.

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Experiences of the Great War: George Maynard Ward of Kibworth

1st December 2014 | 1914-1918

George Maynard Ward, known as Maynard, was an ordinary Kibworth lad, the eldest of five children. He went to the Church School in the village until he was 12 or 13 and then it was out to work. In April 1917, now aged 18, he was passed fit for general military service and on 17 May, in his words, he was “called to the colours”. He records that he returned from Wigston that night in ‘civvies’ but the next day he and his friends returned ‘in khaki’. Despite the accounts that he must have seen in the papers or heard from older local lads about the war, he sounds proud to be joining up.

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Armistice Day

11th November 2014 | 1914-1918

The Kibworth Chronicle was pleased that along with other organisations in the village they were able to mark Armistice Day by laying a wreath at the memorial stone in St Wilfrid’s Church. The Kibworth Chronicle has laid a wreath for many years now because as a community newspaper we value and enjoy the wonderful, vibrant, free community that is all around us and it may not have been this good had it not been for those from this community and others who gave the ultimate sacrifice during the many conflicts over the last 100 years.

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Remembrance: Private Harold Kirk 1891-1917

4th November 2014 | 1914-1918

On Sunday 9 November, in Kibworth as in villages, towns and cities across the country, wreaths were laid at the war memorial in remembrance of those who died serving their country in the two world wars and later conflicts. At a service in St Wilfrid’s Church, the long list of names was read out, clearly and reverently, giving each name a quiet moment. Three members of the congregation spoke about the experiences of their own families – the pain of loss and the joy of meeting again. Joy Hill told the story of her Great Grandfather Harold Kirk. Her account is given below.

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Kibworth High School Trip to the World War One Battlefields

2nd November 2014 | 1914-1918

Early one morning in October, 43 Year 9 students from Kibworth High School set off to visit the First World War battlefields of Belgium and France. The students, having studied the causes of the war and the experience of soldiers in the trenches, felt both excitement and trepidation. They were accompanied by expert Martin Featherstone to give a former soldier’s perspective on the conflict.

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A Royal Link to a Kibworth Hero

1st November 2014 | 1914-1918

I was searching through some First World War records recently when I came across Kibworth’s own champion, Brigadier General James Lockhead Jack - known to us locally as ‘General Jack’ - of the Old House, Main Street, Kibworth Harcourt.

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The Legacy of a War Poet

2nd October 2014 | 1914-1918

Kendall Sassoon is the only remaining grandchild of the poet and writer Siegfried Sassoon. The first thing she shows us is a silver replica of his gold Poetry Medal; the original she has given to the Caernarvon Museum of the Royal Welch Fusiliers to sit beside his pistol. As she says, ‘love versus war’. Her grandmother Hester was a colourful character with alleged Sicilian Mafia connections. Photographs show an elegant, poised woman in a stylish dress. After the marriage to Siegfried ended, Hester went to live at Lochbuie on the Scottish island of Mull.

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Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red

1st October 2014 | 1914-1918

Inspired by a poem by an unknown soldier, Derby-based ceramic artist Paul Cummins and stage designer Tom Piper have created an artwork at the Tower of London to commemorate the outbreak of the Great War one hundred years ago. By 11 November 2014, 888,246 ceramic poppies will fill the entire moat, each of which will represent an individual serviceman or woman who died during the conflict.

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